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  1. Thanks for the info, now to find a spring as the spare is broken also.
  2. hello all, I am working on a 1915 Maxwell that the spring on the belt tensioner broke. Luckily I had a spare. My question is how do you set the tension on it?? Any pictures would be great Thanks in advance
  3. Shaft mounted. You can see the bare shaft in this picture.
  4. hello, I am looking for a timer for 1909 Hudson open touring It has an American Bosch magneto #MJB4A-104. thanks
  5. Would this magneto start the car by hand crank or would it still need battery power?
  6. Hello, Switch is a Jacobson-Branoow. Mag is American Bosch - MJB4A-104
  7. we recently got a 1909 open touring in our collection. The battery box has all but 2 wires missing. The 2 that run from magneto switch to the magneto. the rest are missing. Anyone have or know where I could find a diagram? Thanks
  8. Hello, only thing I installed was the toggle switch to ground out the magneto. When you switched the leaver to battery B the car would start but there wasn't anything hooked up to turn off the engine. So I installed a 2 position toggle switch. It works fine.
  9. its mounted with custom made brackets. it appears pretty solid. I installed a hidden toggle switch to ground the magneto to kill the engine.
  10. Hello, I just got my 1912 messenger running but it wont shut off. I am new to the maxwells and someone has done some wiring before me. The switch has a lever marked battery A Off and battery B and then a button on the battery box. It has a generator - starter on it and a 12Volt battery.
  11. Hello, does anyone know where I can buy rear shoes drums and a wheel cylinder for a 1946 Lincoln? Thanks in advance!
  12. Would anyone have any service info on the locking steering? Diagrams exploded views? I cant find anything. Thanks in advance
  13. We have 1 each. Here is my dilemma. The screw that holds the steering lock cable in the switch has the slot rounded. So how is it attached to the column? How do I get the cable off the ignition switch?
  14. Yes One 46 is a Continental the other which is picture I posted is standard.
  15. well both 46 Lincoln 's we have are just like this and when I look on line the one's I have found are like this. You turn the key pull switch out and push the start button