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  1. 1909 Hupmobile

    I found it under floor board left side
  2. 1909 Hupmobile

    I understand what you are saying we also found the serial number on the frame as well. We literally got boxes of old photos and newspaper articles about this car. We have an original 1911 Model T Torpedo in collection as well.
  3. 1909 Hupmobile

    Sorry, yes it has a timer on it. Someone has modified it.
  4. 1909 Hupmobile

    Thanks! I talked to him. I would like to go back to a breeze. Does anyone know where I can get an original intake?
  5. 1909 Hupmobile

    How do I reach him?
  6. 1909 Hupmobile

    Does anyone have any info on get a kit for the Stromburg carb?
  7. 1909 Hupmobile

    Where do I look on engine and trans to find serial #? Someone told me to look where they join. I did but don't see any numbers. Thanks
  8. 1909 Hupmobile

    Interesting, here is a picture of the carb. The car is serial # 75 and from what we are told its the oldest hup in existence. My email is Thanks
  9. 1909 Hupmobile

  10. 1909 Hupmobile

    Hello, can anyone tell me what this gadget is? Also where I can get a carb kit for a 1909 Hupmobile? thanks
  11. 1915 Maxwell Fan Bracket spring

    Thanks for the info, now to find a spring as the spare is broken also.
  12. 1915 Maxwell Fan Bracket spring

    hello all, I am working on a 1915 Maxwell that the spring on the belt tensioner broke. Luckily I had a spare. My question is how do you set the tension on it?? Any pictures would be great Thanks in advance
  13. 1909 Hudson timer

    Shaft mounted. You can see the bare shaft in this picture.
  14. 1909 Hudson timer

    hello, I am looking for a timer for 1909 Hudson open touring It has an American Bosch magneto #MJB4A-104. thanks
  15. need wiring diagram for a 1909 open touring.

    Would this magneto start the car by hand crank or would it still need battery power?