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  1. Hello, how much vacuum at idle should the pump generate? Also I do not see anyplace for the vacuum hose from the wiper motor to hook to the intake manifold. Does anyone have a picture? Thanks in advance.
  2. GasWorksGarage

    1920 Packard Truck

    Nice truck and thanks again everyone. I am in need of a splitdorf mag switch. as seen in these pics. The 1st pic is mine the 2nd I wish LOL
  3. GasWorksGarage

    1920 Packard Truck

    Greg, during original assembly wouldn't the connecting rods be assembled from coming down from the top?
  4. GasWorksGarage

    1920 Packard Truck

    thanks, yes I began soaking with linkages and everything from day 1 and put mouse milk down the cylinders. a week after that I started with ATF.
  5. GasWorksGarage

    1920 Packard Truck

    Greg, yes I have been in touch with Dave, very knowledgeable and he sent me a copy of the manual he has. I was looking for something that shows the head coming off. I assume the head is separate from the cylinders and that the cylinders are separate from the lower block?
  6. GasWorksGarage

    1920 Packard Truck

    Hello all, this truck is now in our possession. Its a nice truck. Thanks Dan! My question is , does anyone have an exploded view of the engine? I would like to see what I am getting into before we start. Thanks ahead of time, Chester
  7. GasWorksGarage

    1965 Buick Riviera question

    Hello all, I need help with rear coil springs for a 65 Riviera. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thanks Chester
  8. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac 6 cylinder cam question.

    yes the gas is old. Thanks all!
  9. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac 6 cylinder cam question.

    I pulled the head found all the intake valves are sticking. I have been spraying carb cleaner and parts cleaning fluid into the valve openings then cranking have 4 out of 6 snapping shut. I will update later. And the spark plug is located over the intake valve on this one.
  10. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac 6 cylinder cam question.

    I take it that the intake valve is just below the plug opening? If they are stuck what is the best way to go about freeing them up?
  11. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac 6 cylinder cam question.

    are the lifters in these hydraulic or solid?
  12. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac 6 cylinder cam question.

    It ran a couple weeks ago. All the valves stuck?? I don't think so. The timing marks on the timing gears are still aligned.
  13. Ok so the car ran fine went to start it up and it sounded as if it had no compression. So I pulled the pulls to look into the cylinders while cranking nothing moving. I assumed that i broke the timing chain or gears. I pulled the timing cover only to find everything intact as should be and still in alignment. Then I think about pulling dist. cap off then crank only to find that the distributor is turning. then i run a compression test no compression. Am I missing something?? Thanks in advance.
  14. GasWorksGarage

    1938 Pontiac timing chain cover gasket.

    Thanks !!
  15. hello, anyone know of a place where i can get this gasket? I keep striking out. its a straight 6. Thanks in advance