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  1. I changed the oil pressure sending unit on our 1991 from the top but access is limited unless you have the water pump and serpentine belt off as I did. I found that a special short handle cresent wrench that will open wide enough to get onto the hex at the base of the sending unit works well.
  2. Thanks, I will give that a try.
  3. My 1991 Reatta has had it's air conditioning system serviced after the compressor clutch failed. The compressor, condenser, dryer, and orifice tube were replaced and the system was recharged with R-12. Since then, the air conditioner works very intermittently and usually at very light throttle or upon deceleration. The system pressures are correct and no warning lights are displayed. Is there a system pressure switch that could cause this problem or is there something else that should be checked? Thanks in advance for any ideas to help solve this problem.
  4. gsguy

    LeBra 55341-01

    Is this bra still available?
  5. gsguy

    Help ID this 1970 GS

    Hi Pete, Roberta is correct. It is a 1970 GS 455 in Silver Mist. If I recall correctly, there was only one silver car in Class P2, but I cannot remember the name of the owner. It does look like it has a Senior badge on the grill. Perhaps the judging sheets could help but I do not have any copies. The front page of the class judging summary sheet should have the necessary information. Sid
  6. gsguy

    Bloomfield WI ...BCA meet...who is going?

    Barney, Belva and I will be arriving on Tuesday. We are also taking the ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee. We will be driving the white convertible. Looking forward to seeing you there. Sid
  7. I am in need of a very good 1991 Reatta convertible air conditioner hose manifold that bolts directly to the compressor. Thanks. Sid Meyer