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  1. Green T

    Wanted 1957 Lincoln 368 camshaft

    I think it's only 1956-57 Lincoln 368 cam.
  2. Green T

    WTB 196-27 ford model T frame

    Wanted to buy 1926-27 Ford model T frame or side frame rails. Michigan, Ohio, Illinois area.
  3. In search a camshaft for 1957 Lincoln 368 engine. NOS, rebuilt cam, or a core for regrind.
  4. Green T

    1963 Buick Lesabre Fenders

    I have passenger side front fender for 1963 Wildcat for sale in Michigan. it fits to LeSabre, but may need to fill some moulding holes. Where you're located ?
  5. I'm looking rust free 1966 Buick Special, or Skylark 2 door hardtop body shell.
  6. Green T

    Wanted: 1931 Buick 8-90 frame

    Wanted to buy frame for 1931 Buick Model 8-90.
  7. What's happening for this Riviera ? I need speedometer with kilometers.
  8. Green T

    1931 buick 96 chassis Flint craigslist

    Is this still for sale ?
  9. Do you have frame for 1931 90 series 7 passenger limo ?
  10. Green T

    1964 LeSabre parts

    I just need good empty body shell.
  11. Green T

    Anyone in Toronto area

    Hi ! I'm Buick collector from Europe and looking somebody living in Toronto area. I need to find someone who like to help me with a car I'm buying from Toronto. Car needs some small work to get running (some tuning with carb). Then need to find a hauling company to get the car from Toronto to Halifax port. Any can help ?