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    All-round machinist, Hydro-mechanical technician, Took night course in auto body, Been working on cars & motorcycles since the age of 12.
  1. Nickel

    I used to use semi-chrome to polish the aluminum covers on my motorcycle and then years later I used Mother's to polish the aluminum wheels on my MACH I Mustang. They both are very good products and as said earlier "elbow grease is required". I had good results and the aluminum shined like chrome when I finished. After the initial hard work to get them looking like that the upkeep /maintenance was much easier to keep them looking like chrome.
  2. Saw this nice 1955-56 Thunderbird the other day....

    that is one very nice looking '55!
  3. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    DONE!. I took it out for a drive. Everything is functioning as it should. Happy! Happy! I also changed out the front brake hoses along with replacing three lower trans mounts, engine oil pan gasket, outer CV boots, Rack & pinion boot, lower ball joints, torsion bar bushings, front ABS leads/sensors and sway bar links.
  4. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Well I made a little progress today and so far it looks good! I was unable to find the exact replacement shaft (8646946) ( unless I decided to salvage one from another transmission). So I had ordered the newer part number (24236102) and I already had it in my hot little hands. I was trying to figure out how the get the shaft with threads on the lower end. Then I had an epiphany!. I didn't have to have male threads on the end I could make it work with female threads. I ground away the peened over material on the new part then drilled and tapped a hole so I could install it using a bolt. I figured it would be the same level of difficulty to get it re-assembled whether I was installing a nut or a bolt. Here are some pictures of what I did. I put Loctite on there and I don't think it will cause any future problems.
  5. Are Riviera headlight switchpods useable on a Reatta?

    Do you turn the fog lights on every time you get in the car? (to use them as daytime running lights). It seems to me that there was once a thread regarding setting the car so that it would automatically put on the fogs as running lights. If I remember right it was an option you could set using the touchscreen. Reason for the option was because at the time of manufacture of Reattae the law in Canada was to have daytime running lights and it was not yet a law in the U.S. I also remember reading among those threads that the fog lights would be on but dimmer when in the DRL mode but would get brighter when the fog light switch was activated. In 2015 Padgett wrote; Original discussion was much closer to the start of the century however the Mc-Reatta post in 2012 appear to be right. It just involves using the built in diagnostics to change a code in the BCM (BCM Override option #1/ BD 90. Believe Canada (DRL) is code 48 and USA (no DRL) is 144. Most detailed is page 8D14 in the 88 FSM but does not mention 48/Canada. Is easy to retrieve if you get it wrong.
  6. New owner of a 1958 Citroen 2CV Van

    I think that the guys on Wheeler Dealer did one of these vehicles. It looked like theirs needed more work than yours.
  7. Dead Mouse in Reatta

    Mine didn't have any critters in it when I got it home but it did have droppings pretty much throughout. I gave the car a thorough cleaning. (three times before it didn't have a stink to it!) I found a very smelly nest in the trunk under and around the spare tire. The jack is missing from the large rubber insert in the trunk and that piece of rubber was really stinking up the whole car. I finally had to pull the piece of rubber out of the trunk. Other places I found nests / droppings..... up under the dash on top of those plastic covers right above the floor well. The foam on those covers was permeated with urine. It took a few times soaking and drying to get the smell out of those. There was a nest inside the console as mentioned earlier by someone. There was a nest under one of my seats. There was also a mess of stuff (which I thought was the remains of a nest) inside the heat / blower cover at the evaporator. About three months after I replaced the evaporator the fan started making a racket. I remover the fan and found half an acorn shell sitting in the bottom. It was hitting the fan blades and made a lot of noise.
  8. I graduated in '71. I was driving a '63 Mercury Montclair with the breezeway window. Definitely not the fastest off the line but did pretty good once we were rolling. Two cars come to mind though. One was a 62 Valiant that one of the guys had sandwiched in a small Hemi engine and a 4 speed. The other was a 64 Malibu with a big block 4 speed in it. More than once they lined up out on the hill in back of the school to see who could leave the longest stretch of rubber.
  9. How old was your car when you bought it?

    55 Thunderbird I bought in 1975 when it was 20 years old and I was 21. It is now my retirement project car.
  10. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Easy friend! It's not that I was ignoring you. I already have an account with GMpartsdirect and I have gotten parts from Flow Chevrolet before. I don't have access to a metal cutting lathe but I agree I could probably get a shaft made. I do need the new shaft so I can insure proper orientation of the flats to each other. No my rooster comb is fine.
  11. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    I ordered the "lever" shaft (24236102) on-line. When I clicked on GMPARTSDIRECT it took me to "FLOW CHEVROLET" . I submitted the order on July 10th. Today (July 15th) it says it is "on order". I'm getting a bad feeling I might soon get a message that the part is unavailable. Dang it!. I decided to check for any other sources just in case and I found one on E-Bay with a picture. They changed the design when they superceded the part. It no longer has the threaded extension on the bottom. That means for me to use it I may have to remove the valve body from my transmission in order to have clearance to slide the new shaft up into the hole.
  12. Seems to me that when I converted mine last year part of the conversion is the different orifice. Something to do with the molecule size of R134A versus R12.. I think that the system would keep shutting down the compressor if using the R12 rated orifice with the R134A charge.
  13. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Nailed it!
  14. "For Use With R12 and R134a Refrigerant" ?

    Maybe it should say for use with R-12 OR 134A.
  15. code 031 - do I need to remove transmission?

    Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! Did I say.... Thank you!?