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  1. Klaxet 6 volt Horn patented March 31 1908. Excellent condition, no dents, no rust, appears to be original paint. Excellent working condition. $95 White marks on cover are tape residue.
  2. Pair of new tierod ends for 1939 Plymouth. $10
  3. New old replacement stock springs that are far superior to the later repop ones. $9 for the pair.
  4. 1932 Chevrolet Wire Wheels

    wheels are no longer for sale.
  5. NOS Door Latch Springs for most makes 1928-1952

    The index does not include Jordan. I may have something if you can send a good photo and dimensions.
  6. New 1933 Chevrolet Valves

  7. Tillotson Model XA Carburetor

    Tillotson Model XA carburetor appears to have never been installed, excellent condition. I am not sure what the application of this is but it is similar to those used on Model A and B Fords. This must be an improved design as it appears to have a accelerator pump. $50
  8. Volume 10 No. 2 in excellent condition. No tears, rips, smudges or writing. $10
  9. Volume 6 No. 2 in excellent condition. No tears, rips, smudges, or writing. $10
  10. Automobile Quarterly Volume 1No. 1 in overall excellent condition. No smudges, no tears, no writing, minimal wear on the cover corners. $18
  11. 1932 Chevrolet Wire Wheels

    yes. I will try to send some photos. Chuck
  12. 1932 Chevrolet Wire Wheels

    I am in Altoona PA so shipping should not be that expensive. Very little rust pitting.
  13. 1953-1958 Chevrolet New Valves

    New motor valves for 1953-58 Chevrolet 6. $3 ea.