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'38 - 48, 2 dr sedan interior kit

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I would like to upgrade the door panels on my '38 model 48 2 door sedan.

Hampton Coach lists an interior kit for a number of '37 and '38 Buicks. Looking at their list, they show a two door sedan for '37 (a '37 model 48), but not for '38. I would think they could use the dimensions from the '37 kit and use the stiching pattern and fabric choices from '38, right? Make's sense to me, but here is the reply...

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not offer a kit for your 1938 Buick model 48. We have never worked on one and are not sure of the original materials.We do not know if or how the 1938 and 1937 differed. We are not aware of anyone producing the interior kits. We are not doing any custom work at this time.

Any '37 - '38 folks out there who can comment on this? I would like to challenge Hampton Coach but thought I would check with some experts first. Of course, a non-Hampton Coach solution would be OK too. Currently I am running with a low-cost but not very authentic homemade solution.


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I think Hampton Coach is being very careful for good reason. To assume a 38 Model 48 door panel is the same dimension as a 37 is just that: an assumption, and it could be wrong. Even though a 37 and 38 Buick look similar, these cars still made very small dimensional changes from year to year that could prevent panels from different years fitting properly.

I have dealt with Hampton Coach myself, and they are very careful. I'll bet if you sent them your one of your door panels, they could duplicate it accurately. But I can understand why they are reluctant to assume the panels are the same dimensionally as a 37 without actually seeing your car to be sure. It is a lot of work to make panels, and discovering after the fact that they don't fit would not make anyone happy.

One problem here is that 2 dr sedans are not that common amongst those lovely 37 and 38 Buicks, so it's not like hundreds of them have been restored.

ps: it is not that difficult to make door panels. Any local upholstery shop can do it, and if you have shreds of the original panel, they could probably match the material fairly well. Or just decent pictures of a panel from a sales brochure could be enough info for a skilled upholsterer to duplicate. I suggest you consider trying that, I think it might be cheaper than dealing at a distance with Hampton.

Merry Christmas!


Albuquerque, NM

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