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Restoration of 1972 Thunderbird

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New here and thought I would introduce myself. <img src="" alt="" />

I am the proud owner of a 1985 and 1972 Thunderbird. The 85 is my wife's daily driver and the 72 is my pride and joy. I first owned a 72 when I as 18 and always wanted to find one when I got older. Well I finally found one:


I purchased her from a little old lady in Arizona. She is black with black interior, bucket seats w/center console (rare I am told), 460ci engine (also rare I am told).

I only took delivery on December 3rd, 2005 so I have not been able to do much so far but tune it up and put fresh tires on it. I plan to locate a good restoration shop and start restoring her to her original glory.

I am in need of a few items if anyone can help:

Dash Cap (black)

rubber weather-stripping/Seals for both doors

Dome light cover

air intake snorkel

Please let me know what you think.

Additional info:








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Hello,Iknow your ad was posted sometime ago,but I just purchased a very nice 72 that I'm parting out.Has an undamaged black dash pad in it.I f you need anything for your car,maybe I can help.Thanks,Zack.

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