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Rebuilt ABS Systems for 1988 1989 1990!


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In my travels I came across someone who has been providing Allante owners with rebuilt systems, and he offered to check out the Teves system we use.<P>He has told me that he can get rebuilt systems for $750(US) with core. This includes the accumulator, master cylinder, valve block, reservoir, pump and motor(basically all of the parts forward of the firewall. It's guaranteed for a year.<P>Shipping is extra, about $20 for ground UPS with insurance and $70 for fedex overnite. Turnaround should be about a week.<P>Contact:<BR>Dick Hussey<BR>dhussey@emi.net<BR>561-844-3938<P>[This message has been edited by wheresjim (edited 07-12-2000).]<P>[This message has been edited by wheresjim (edited 07-12-2000).]<p>[This message has been edited by wheresjim (edited 07-12-2000).]

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