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  1. I had this problem, it should be the right wheel bearing hub/assembly going. You should, however carefully check both hub assemblies, it may be that one is just noisier than the other.
  2. This from a discussion on passatworld.com: <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I remember that! My buddy had a GM product with that, and I think it was the Reatta. You could schedule dates on it, but not view them until the alert came up. When he traded it in, he picked a couple days years in the future so the screen would read "PULL OVER NOW", and other things like "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE TODAY". Sick sense of humor. </div></div> Just out of curiosity, has anybody gotten that?
  3. Wow! It's come down alot! I haven't had a Reatta since 2001 (and haven't followed this board since then), but at one point it was very hard to find vent glass, GM had discontinued it, and people were reportedly paying $750 for them.
  4. I was just looking to see if I could pick another up, and there's only one with a broken vent window, I know those are like $750 to replace unless you guys have come up with a new source. Eh, it's blue anyway, I'd rather get another red one.
  5. wheresjim


    I used to be a Reatta owner, and have since moved on to a VW Passat (I really like it!) I remember the rampant issues with the Teves ABS system, and was curious to see what if anything has happened with NHTSA and/or Buick concerning this? By the way, my Passat also has developed an errant ABS light, which apparently is common in the earlier Passat models.
  6. The only stuff I have is the service manual, owners manual and the coolant overflow reservoir, sorry.
  7. Sorry, it's for a 1989. As for shipping I guess around $5, I have to check on that.
  8. Got rid of my Reatta a year ago, wanna buy stuff for my Passat, so... Service manual-Fair condition, no front cover $50 Coolant overflow tank-Brand new, never used $50 Owner's manual-Fair cond $20 Prices don't include shipping.
  9. Wow. Way to express your appreciation guys. Peter, I know what a hassle running this site is, and I appreciate you every effort. Hope you can get the bugs worked out without to much trouble.
  10. There's an outfit in Fullerton, CA that rebuilds the computer screens, so you aren't completely screwed in that respect, thopugh when I replaced mine, it was $275 and the original CRT. Check the FAQ for an address and other CRT info-<BR> <A HREF="http://www.reatta.net/faq.html#TOUCHSCREEN" TARGET=_blank>http://www.reatta.net/faq.html#TOUCHSCREEN</A> <P>Good luck!
  11. wheresjim

    top speed

    I had my old '89 up to 110mph driving through the Salt Flats in Utah a few years back. I never wanted to drive the car that fast again. <P>Oddly enough, my new "family car" a VW Passat feels very comfortable in triple digits, much more steady than the sporty Reatta.
  12. The Reatta side of my garage was emptied last week when I watched my red '89 begin it's journey to Speedway Automotive It was replaced with a VW Passat. Boring compared to the Reatta, but a good solid ride.
  13. Just my $.02, I had a consistent click rattle that would occur whe the car was idling and was very distinct at fast food drive-throughs. The timing chain tensioner on '88s and '89s was too small, a Tech Bulletin was issued that a larger size tensioner should be used. Often these smaller tensioners lost thier spring, and would hang against the chain, and not provide tension. It would also produce a rattling, clicking noise that was hard to isolate. Once I changed the timing chain and tensioner, the sound was gone. If you haven't had the tensioner replaced on your '88 that is a likely source of your sound.<P>Good luck!<p>[ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: wheresjim ]
  14. You're right! I saw it too, it was unmistakeably a Reatta. Looks like the poor bastard just loves bad investments!
  15. wheresjim

    HI Miles

    I just blew my third transmission on my '89 with 245,000 miles on it. I'm scrapping it as a result. There was a guy a couple of years ago selling one with 273,000. If you really want to see who has the most miles, check out Barney's database.