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Reatta Ext/Int Colors?


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Ever want to know how your Reatta color scheme stacks up againts the other database cars?<P><BR>Visit <A HREF="http://www.pixi.com/~jenkins/reatta" TARGET=_blank>www.pixi.com/~jenkins/reatta</A> and click on the "Database Colors" selection. We've collected color information for just under 1300 cars, and provided it in color graphic form. Data is current as of the last database on 1 Jun 00.<P><BR>If you've not yet added your car to the Reatta Databse, please do so by sending Barney Eaton an email (barney@texas.net) and be sure to include your VIN, exterior/interior color, and any options you have. Other information such as milage, price etc, is always welcomed.<P><BR>Thank you very much in advance!<P><BR>--Tom<BR>

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