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waterpump rust?


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hello all!<BR>does anybody have any ideas on this?<BR>this is the water pump, am i correct?<BR>how do i go about rebuilding/restoring this?<BR>some bad, bad rust.<P>please visit: <A HREF="http://weels8.com/images/waterpump2" TARGET=_blank>http://weels8.com/images/waterpump2</A> <A HREF="http://weels8.com/images/waterpump" TARGET=_blank>http://weels8.com/images/waterpump</A>

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That's pretty nasty looking. I wonder if the rest of the innards of your engine's cooling system look like that too. Sorry I have no suggestions.<P>Did notice that you have broken off more than one of those nasty little bolts though. I had the same problem on my 401. Searh the posts for suggestions and info on how I got those studs out.<P>Good Luck

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