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Bumper Brackets


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alright i got a '53 manual (finally) and the buick parts locating guide. <P>i can't remember the name of the place nor where i saw it, but i saw a place that sells the brackets for bumpers to attach to the chassis. anybody know of the place or places?<BR>i've looked all through the parts locator and my Hemmings Motor News.<P>i can't remember! arrrrgh!<P>thanks!

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i found it!<BR>it's called Alloy-Fab out of Vancouver, WA<BR>8709 NE Hwy 99<BR>Vancouver, WA 98665<P>800-344-2847<BR>you have to call or write to get a catalogue<P>p.s. it was in HMN<BR>just in case anybody wanted to know lol<p>[ 05-18-2002: Message edited by: willbilly53 ]

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