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Model A Ford 2 tooth steering shaft alignment question (modifying for 27 Model T Speedster)

Morgan Blanchard

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I am modifying a Ford Gemmer 2 tooth steering column for use in a 27 Model T speedster.  This involves lengthening the steering column and shaft 10 inches.  This is not an issue, but, I cut the shaft before I noted the relative position of the woodruff key for the steering wheel and the alignment flat for the worm gear.  I don’t want to misalign the wheel when I add the extra 10 inches.  Can someone tell me if the woodruff key is inline with the alignment flat on the gear? (as I would expect).


For those who are concerned about how I am doing this, the shafts will be half lapped for mechanical engagement then a machined tube will be silver soldered over the joint to make the join.  Grub screws will then be installed as a third mechanism to keep things from coming apart.  I am making a new steering column from scratch to fit the longer shaft.  

Thanks for any help.  



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Are your turning the box 90 degrees and doing cross steer or mounting the box the normal direction and using the Model A steering arms? 

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