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17 top bow saddles

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Here I thought I had the world by the tail! Ive found the other top bow saddle! 5 bucks at the lethbridge swap meet. Get it home and although the castings are close, same types of part numbers, its another left and its smaller. 20240212_234337.jpg.02988b0d82b995e37d1fbbb6ca360e48.jpg20240212_234608.jpg.f2df00a5173b20014278af3e0fff445a.jpg20240212_235307.jpg.9cb84ca28b1add1ab81e0dc90c231865.jpg20240212_235118.jpg.cc483f0830444a45c91ad033ab4c7ec0.jpgThe black one I found with the car. Part # 156L. 108L is the other. 1 ear on the black, a double ear on the other. Made by the same company. Patent 1911. Can anyone shed some wisdom on this?

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