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Hello, everyone. I'm just about finished with a few lights and thought someone of you would find them interesting 🤷. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. These started life as absolute rusted out trashed housings. I'm not good at throwing things out so I had a friend at a body shop fill and paint then for me and I reached into my parts box and grabbed some Dodge Brothers glass and bezels. Two housings are DOTO's and one is a Filite. Bulbs are dual filament with two bottom pins so they work with original or at least "old style" sockets. I tried to use ad much original parts as I could but I am no authority on 1920-30's Dodges so forgive me if somethings dont add up. 


Additionally, I got three old Do-Rays together and working.


If anyone has the original clear tag glass for the Filite housing I would be inclined to buy it from you. 



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