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17 touring seat hardware?

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20240129_180037.jpg.fe0092fd2db5ccbde25f3eaf99876072.jpg20240129_180018.jpg.a686d153bc9cfe98b47486f7cad1460e.jpgI dont have a parts book yet. I will have one soon I hope. Parts 7570-1, 7570-R and L.  Are these part of the jump seats? Or does the swivel front seat also fold? Ive studied all the pictures I can find of these cars but I cant zoom in close enough to see what the furniture is made of. The weather is warming up out here so im going back to the junkpile to hunt for parts. No Idea what im looking for. Does anyone have pictures of the jump / front swivel seat frames? Ive got a couple pieces I know are part of it. I think I found some of the springs as well. Thank you20240127_005148.jpg.27c0b6b445e9815ebfa788af96f4e8c0.jpg20240127_113323.jpg.2d9d6d06ddccb4f410fd1c171776489c.jpg

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