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1941 Oldsmobile woodie restoration

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Hello all, thanks to all who wrote me back in 2021 when I posted a "where do I start" link. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to respond to your help so for that I am sorry. 

Anyways, here is a brief update on the trials and tribulations of restoring the 1941. First off I paid an obscene amount for the "first" one. Started the restoration and had it tragically burn up along with a few others in the shops facilty. Found a second one for even a more obscene amount of money and that one is in full restoration/restomod mode. I have the original engine from the first one if anyone is interested. How much money can you spend? It seems like there is no limit! For the purists this cars interior and exterior are being restored to as documented original as I can find. For those who want to motor down the freeway it has front and rear aircondioning, Roadster Shop chassis, LS3, and custom wheels to look as original as possible. It will be finished in 1941 Aspen Green with a green interior     




1941 woodie.jpg



Right side.jpg




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