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NOS Breaker Arms - Auburn Chandler Chrysler Erskine Federal Jewett Olds Paige Pontiac

A Woolf

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For Sale – NOS Moveable Breaker Arms Only.  (I do not have the mating fixed point).  Please confirm this is the part you need.  The descriptions were provided to me by a third party.  I will be happy to answer your questions.

 One lot of seven (7) items.  $30.00 ONO plus shipping.    

Part # 816791

Auburn 1927-28

Chandler 1927

Chrysler 50 and 60 1926-27

Chrysler 62 1927-28

Erskine 1927-28

Federal 1927-28

Jewett 1926-27

Olds 1927

Paige 1927-28

Pontiac 1926-27




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