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Cars of Christmas past 24


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It was just a garbage truck. A friend bought it to use at his cabin for garbage and to haul water. It was shabby, but it ran well and always started, summer and winter. He used it for many years, the paint got shabbier and weather took its toll. Then, he found a low mileage 52 Fargo 1 ton to replace this truck. So Dad bought it. 1948 Dodge 1 ton, flathead six with 4 speed. It has an electric box hoist on it, driven by a flathead ford 6v starter. Dad puttered away at it, while using it for hauling branches, etc to the dump occasionally. His friend who owned a body shop borrowed it a couple times a year to clean up scrap metal and garbage from behind the shop. When that friend decided it was time to sell the body shop and retire, he told dad to bring him the truck for a bit to use it to clean up. What we didn’t know was that he was going to paint the truck for us. This truck is such a sweet runner and it’s so quiet when it’s running you can’t even tell. I’m 1948 Dodge and Fargo advertised an optional comfort ride seat. When we had this one reupholstered after the paint job, we discovered that the seat is made completely of high density foam, absolutely no springs. Thus far, this is the only truck I have come across that is equipped with the optional seat. 




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