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1918 fiat 7 pass touring grease question


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After searching the forums here i see alot to say about using only certain type heavy gear oils where in contact w brass as it will hurt the brass. My question is does this same thing occur with grease? im about to get the john deere corn head grease to use on the grease fittings in general on my 1918 fiat, and alot of those have brass. I thought id ask if anyone has any knowledge on whether certain types of grease actually can harm the brass?  thanks for any wisdom shared

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Some greases can contain sulfur compounds that will attack yellow metals. You will want a grease that passes ASTM D4048 (copper corrosion) with a rating of 1A.

One brand (there may be others) that does publish their 4048 test results is Mobil for their CM greases. 


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