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value on 1930 caddy in pieces?


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Update: 5-12-03 I have corrected the info about the car. It is not a 1931. I had the wrong year. Also the car is not for sale.

I was hoping someone can help me put a value on a 1930 cadillac victoria coupe, series 353 - 5 passenger - V8 flathead engine - 2 door. Or perhaps point me in the right direction?

Body is in fair-good shape - paint needs help - not much rust if any.

all original to my knowledge. Interior shows wear I would grade as "good"

the engine parts I believe is 90%+ restored. cleaned up & reprimed, etc.

All the chrome on this car has been restored & is beautiful.

only problem a good percent of the engine is not inside the car smirk.gif

The car has been garage kept for approx 20 yrs or so since it was purchased by a member of our family.

Any help would be apprecaited - thank you <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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keep the car!




Weight: 4,930

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $3,595

Low Retail: $27,500

Average Retail: $39,200

High Retail: $56,800


start with them, the engine parts will be easy to get, the body parts and chrome are the hard part.

also, ebay.com, then type in "1930 Cadillac" in the search....

you'll be running in no time

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I would suggest a trip to your local book store and purchase an issue of Old Cars Price Guide published by Krause Publications out of Iola, WI. They are the same folks who publish Old Cars Weekly. They have listed every make, model, year, and body style imaginable. You look up the condition and then calculate the price. Easy to use. A great reference and inexpensive-$4.95. New issue comes out quarterly.

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Thank you!! The car is not for sale - I'm almost sure all the parts are there and chrome has been all restored to beautiful pieces! The parts just need to get in the engine. I can't wait to get this car running.

Thank you for the help - enjoy the day!

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