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63 & 64 Riviera Cast Wheel Covers


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Hi All,

I am a diehard Toronado, 442, Vette, SS Impala guy with a huge soft spot for the 63-70 Riviera's. 66 GS is my fav in Black or Plum please.

I collect unique hubcaps. The 63-64 Riviera cast covers intrigued me. So I bought an NOS 63 cap.

I cant image all the damage the tire jockeys did to these throughout the years trying to pry them off like a conventional cap.  


Anyone know of a desert dry black or plum 66 for sale please pass along the contact info.


Cast Cap & SD Turbine cap Questions:

1. Cast cap only used on 63, 64, 65 right, (with diff center medallions).

2. The SD turbine caps inaugural year is 1966.

3. Are 63-65s cast aluminum or magnesium?

4. what's the proper way to pry off the center to not damage the spinner or cast?

5. what is recommended to polish the bare cast on the "spokes" and outer rim?

6. Where can I source the correct bolts that secure it to the rim?

7. Any idea what the option RPO code is for these cast caps. (Olds has N93s which are similar.  Buick SD is the Super Deluxe turbine wheel cover AKA P01 or P02 in Vette speak. I have both in my collection/obsession.

TX, Steve


66-69 Riv SD.jpg

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