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1922 Maxwell touring for sale

CE Martin

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20221005_101306.jpg.5e390fe436bca248ccf24c26c5b91f9e.jpg20221005_101323.jpg.f462a3a78322469a30d31af11dda4892.jpg20221005_104511.jpg.a94dec1bd6bfc7455e3e8982a8c2fd3b.jpg20221005_101332.jpg.b38ef9d19dce5b28fd11c1d968c1a0a3.jpg20221005_104604.jpg.5a15f105a33bccda17fe26a35d0df563.jpg20221005_104616.jpg.853da8392445a01ff2deb20eba440353.jpg20221005_104604.jpg.5a15f105a33bccda17fe26a35d0df563.jpg20221005_104627.jpg.ffcd4ced723baa703b463d0d8dd004ab.jpg20221005_104656.jpg.2ed7b63ec698b2dda6ab8f41e5546640.jpg20220602_194256.jpg.07a009201e72e09ec5dc0668d2d2416e.jpg20221005_104639.jpg.e4c3dbd279bed68c9fbe8dddca99226e.jpg20221005_104645.jpg.d6a2cb92a9600224488370e6176c2f20.jpg20220531_070620.jpg.4666ace87cd8facee1f02b14bc090ef5.jpgEstate sale find ,the gentleman started with the frame years ago,got paint on it,but never finished with the rest ,frame solid with little pitting,body rust,needs major rust remediation ,still alot there to work with,lot of extra parts,original headlights, two motor blocks(no idea if either is original to the car),head ,intake,starter,rads for recore,pair front steel disk wheels with goodyear's on them, original springs,original front axle, nice set  of wood bows,top frame is rusty(may be workable)no title,bill of sale only, serial #337218,missing frt fenders, splash shields, rear end diff,seats,instrument panel ,located grove city ohio, $2300. , can provide more photos if wanted,also if it doesn't sell, I will be in the market for front fenders,splash guards and a '22 instrument panel if anyone knows of any,thanks 









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No,sorry, not me,I picked this up and decided I have more projects than time so something has to go, still have some cool ideas for it but I have a fee others I'd like to do first, plezse let me know if you have any questions or interest, thanks 

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