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Delco distributor cap project

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As Peter Riesen has mentioned in several of his posts on the Cadillac section of this forum, I will be marketing the new Delco caps here in the US and Australia.   I'm working with the people at Roland Merz to get the first lot shipped to the US in the next week or so.   After that, they will be available for sale and shipment.   From what Peter tells me, the fit and work GREAT!!!   He put one on his Cadillac and it performed wonderfully.   These caps (11194  and 13852) will fit several of the cars with the early twist and lock Delco 4 cylinder distributor.    Initially they made about 100 units for sale.   Considering the cost for making the mold, the bakelite raw material, my costs for shipment to the US, duty tax and all other hidden costs,  they will be priced at $500.    After they arrive, I will take some pictures and post them on this thread.  I'm really excited to be involved with this project because these caps are so rare and hard to find over the years.   Eventually, the hockey puck style rotor with the 3/8" hole will be produced too.

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