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Complete Drivetrain for 1935 Graham Model 74 - Flat Head 6 and Suspension

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I am selling a complete drivetrain for a 1935 Graham Model 74, flathead six, 170 ci, 3 speed manual transmission, rear diff/axle.  Engine is free and was supposedly rebuilt in the mid 1980's but never run (restoration was halted due to death of the restorer).  Engine is complete from air cleaner to oil pan.  I have some spare parts such as coil, starter, new carb kit (just purchased this year), etc.  Transmission supposedly has a new clutch.  Rear axle supposedly has new brake shoes and wheel cylinders, includes leaf springs and hangers.  Also have a driveshaft in very good condition.  Also have front straight axle and leaf springs, supposedly has new brake shoes and wheel cylinders.  $500 for the engine, $300 for the transmission, $300 for rear axle, $100 for the driveshaft.  Spare parts: starter, coil, new carb kit, etc. which will be included.  $1000 for everything.  Prices do not include shipping.  All parts are in Nova Scotia, Canada.

1935 Flathead Straight 6 1.JPEG

1935 Rear Axle.JPEG

1935 Straight Axle Front Suspension 1.JPEG

1935 Straight Axle Front Suspension 2.JPEG

1935 Transmission.JPEG

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