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  1. I have a 1935 Graham Model 74. Can anyone tell me the size of the screws that hold the windshield frame to the windshield hinges (hinges on top of the windshield frame for popout windshield). Thanks.
  2. I have found the rear window rubber seal (thanks Graham Man). Steele Rubber actually had a listing for 1935 Graham for the rear window seal. Unfortunately, they do not have a listing for the rubber for the rear quarter windows or the pop out windshield rubbers. So if anyone could help with those rubbers that would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I have a 1935 Graham, Model 74, four door sedan. I need a new rubber seal/weather strip for the rear window. Can anyone point me to a potential supplier or suggest an alternative window rubber seal that will work for the rear window. I am also looking for the rubber seal/weather strip for the rear quarter/side window (it is a sliding window with a wooden track). It is not clear to me how the rear quarter window was sealed, so any info on that would be helpful. Thanks. Wade
  4. Looking for any options for rear fenders for a 1939 Chevy truck. Buying steel or fiberglass fenders in the USA and shipping them to Canada, paying exchange, duty, shipping, sales tax makes them prohibitively expensive. I have seen some universal options for bobber fenders, just wondering if there are other rear fenders that look ok (like rear fenders from a Chevy car from the mid to late 1930's). Not going for originality, just would like the truck to look ok and get on the road without breaking the bank. Truck will be more of a rat rod at least for a while. Thanks for any help you
  5. Nice work. Great project. I bought a 1979 Trans Am in 1980, yellow with Olds 403 engine. Had a lot of fun with that car. I would like to do a 1979 TA some time, but the garage is full.
  6. Here is the door handle that I need for 1935 Graham Model 74. Thanks.
  7. I am looking for two exterior door handles for a 1935 Graham Model 74. They are for the rear doors if that makes a difference. Thanks. Wade
  8. I am looking for two exterior door handles for 1935 Graham Model 74. Thanks. Wade
  9. Thanks RS, sounds good. Let me see how I do in collecting up the other headlight parts and I will come back to you. Can you provide the dimensions on the lenses so I can confirm they are the correct ones.
  10. I need any and all pieces for 1935 Graham Model 74 pop out windshield mechanism. Dash has three holes in a recess, windshield has two holes on the bottom of the frame. I have none of parts for the pop out windshield mechanism. Thanks.
  11. I have the headlight buckets and the mounts to the fenders. I need all other headlight components for a 1935 Graham Model 74 (2 lenses, 2 lense retainers, 2 reflectors, 2 bulbs). Thanks for any help you can provide.
  12. Thank you Graham Man. Very helpful and greatly appreciated. I sent an email to Mike Butters yesterday.
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