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Hello Mr. Sarver,


I checked out files on Plymouth trucks. We have a small handful of literature pertaining to the 1940 but, unfortunately, we do not have any Plymouth truck owner's manuals. For tracking down such a manual, you may want to consider reaching out to the American Truck Historical Society's (ATHS) Zoe James Memorial Library, whose collection is entirely devoted to trucks and commercial vehicles. Here is a link to the contact form via the ATHS website. Under "message subject," make sure to select the Zoe James Memorial Library.

Contact Us – American Truck Historical Society (aths.org)


You could also try the WPC Club:

WPC Club Contact Form (chryslerclub.org)


Or Fiat Chrysler Historical Services:

Where can I find information on vintage cars and parts? (force.com)


Sorry that we didn't have exactly what you were looking for, but we hope one or more of these resources are able to help point you in the right direction.


Thanks and best regards,

Matthew Hocker

Librarian & Volunteer Coordinator  

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