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NOS Pontiac front fender (1969?)

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NOS Right Front fender from what I think is from a full-size 1969 Pontiac.  The front edge of a '68 and '70 fenders are different than this fender.

This fender is factory drilled for the small rectangular side marker light, along with holes for a side trim piece running back from the side marker light to the rear edge of this fender.  

In factory black primer.

No part number on this fender, but stamped on the inner area near where the hood hinge bolts on is: "B2 14 M"



Chicago Western Suburbs

Pick up fender-Will not ship-Will not deliver



I can deliver this fender to you at the Buick Club National Meet in Lisle, Illinois, on June 25, 2022, or a few days before that.


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