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Information requested - 1930 Pontiac Coupe - Steering wheel

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I have a 1930 Pontiac Custom Sedan that has a good wheel, so I don't have any leads on how to fix the one you have.  Have you checked Hemmings Motor News for vendors who do this?  I am sure this is a common repair.  If you need dimensions or photos of my wheel I would be happy to provide.


I would also suggest you connect with clubs and chapters that focus on Pontiac and Oakland for resources.


I am tech advisor for 1930 and 1932 Pontiac for the Pontiac Oakland Club.  There is also a west coast Zoom group that meets to discuss Pontiac and Oakland cars of your era.  


I also have a website with lots of information on splithead era ('26-'32) Pontiacs:




Send me a personal message here or email at:



I can help you with some resources. I am in San Jose and would like to hear more about your car.









IMG_4409 copy.jpg

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