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1936 Airstream - Fuel would burp due to vent tube too small

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When we would fill, we had to go slow to avoid fuel being pushed out by the trapped air in the tank. I talked to the local gas tank shop about the burping when filling at a normal rate and he looked at the vent line and suggested that I replace with a larger diameter one. Therefore I spent part of today, removing the filler neck and replacing the 1/4” line that was put in, with a 1/2” tube and proper hose from the tank to the filler neck. Had to cut off what someone had done years ago, drill out the the left overs and continue drilling to 3/4” for a new made up fitting. The not original tank has a 3/4” vent. Therefore at the tank I made a fitting to do the transition to the 1/2” ID hose. Helps when the metal lathe is in the garage for making custom pieces!

Sorry no photos as I was too busy working!


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Clarified that the tank is not OEM (see edit history)
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