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Attention Peter Gariepy

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My sign in was disabled on March 1 due as expected to the requirement that we sign in using our email address.   This is for the account B Jake Moran.  


I tried my 2-3 email addresses I use to sign in but am rejected.  I have no idea what email address is for the AACA account for B Jake Moran and I have no way to retrieve it - I don't think - since I am locked out. 


So I created a new account Bryan Moran just so I could communicate this to you so that an administrator could retrieve and merge my accounts.  


But I can not PM you because there is a content amount not yet met to allow private messaging.  


I want to keep my account B Jake Moran and not use the new account Bryan Moran.  In order to enable the older sign on, I guess I need to know the email address used to open that account.  As I have had 3 employers in the past 4 years (not because I wanted to) I may have used a work email I thought I was going to be at for awhile.   Or it could be a no longer used email from a service I no longer use as I have moved most of my emailing to a gmail address. 


Can someone look into this and PM me and let me know how to proceed.   Thank you

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