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Skinned Knuckle magazines for sale, 1980-2010, lots of Technical info


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I have 250 to 300 issues of Skinned Knuckles magazine, dating from about 1980 to about 2010.  There may be some earlier and/or some later, they are in 7 magazine holders and each holds 40-50 magazines.  Tons of technical information in these....


I'd prefer to take to Hershey if someone is interested, but since they take up a lot of room ONLY if someone wants to buy them.


I'd like $250 for all of them, less than a dollar each.  PM me here, I've made the mistake of getting my email posted and now get 50 junk emails a day, sheesh.


I'll be at GBF 33-34, right down from Hyman tent, and will have a lot of stuff for sale, Pierce Arrow items, automotive books, brass lights, probably two Pierce TOC bicycles if they fit in my truck, and much more...

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