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Assorted Parts needs AND convertible top problem


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('90 convertible)   PARTS - who/where should I try to get GOOD hood struts? ALSO need little chrome plastic up/down door lock button AND windshield washer plastic clip-on spray nozzle thingy. (I realize some of this stuff is likely generic, but I'm here.........  ALSO --

A few years back I bought a vinyl (should have gone cloth) top. It's been down and up MAYBE 6 times since installed and the seams below window (R and L sides) are coming apart. Is it simply a poorly made replacement, OR is there perhaps something in the "skeleton" that wears those spots when stowed (??)  (re; photo -it rained the day before and we have trees. That's why it looks "neglected").     Thanks in advance. Many of you have been very helpful in the past and I appreciate it!!!

Reatta washer tip.JPG

Reatta top separation.JPG

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