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  1. Hi Padgett....Jim replied with info making it clear I wasn't thinking straight! I've had this thing 19 years and managed to forget what I was doing!
  2. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow....... I've been under some stress, and am (obviously) confused (and now....embarrassed!) THANKS for the wake-up! Feeling much like a boob now.
  3. Hey Tony. I did figure that to be the case. Just looking for any "experiences" that might simplify things. Thanks
  4. Grettings! I've been away for a while --- so the damn up/down button thing feels like it's fallen apart/broken inside. I have a full manual but thought I'd ask about any helpful "hints". I'm goin to wait until spring to take this on (no garage space for door dismantling). THANKS!!!!!! (1990 convertible)
  5. It's been in the shop since Tuesday.......It actually started and behaved nornally right before I had it towed in (with my luck, it would have died en-route) had I driven it in). They've started it every hour, and it WON'T misbehave........It's CRAZY-MAKING. I just emailed them all of YOUR responses. What have I done to deserve this??????
  6. Thanks Ronnie! That actually worked.........for a short time ( af ew weeks of no driving, just idling for about 5 minutesa week.) I don't drive it until weather clears, so only start it every week at this point. Prior to the guage troubles I had the Ignition C M (and "bad" wires to it) replaced 21 miles ago (yes...21). Started it today and AGAIN, no tach or temp gauge and it dies after a couple seconds. Won't keep running. I called the shop to speak to the owner but he's now gone for the day. I WILL call him Monday morning. Sadly, it'll be yet another tow-in and wait a day or 3. - IF ANY OF
  7. I've always requested forgiveness for my ignorance, and NOW is no exception. I haven't been driving it for a couple years (medical thing) but I run it and "move it around the yard" once a week. I DID drive it a few miles after having it towed recently having had ICM replaced. All has been well until today when the the tach visually went up quick, then stopped working, along with the temp gauge. I'm "thinking" the speedo MIGHT not function (but can't take on road for a couple days. ---- ANY IDEAS??????? THANKS
  8. FINALLY had my top replaced, and notice (now) that the weatherstrip (driver side) is "worn" and will certainly leak. I know I can reglue and maybe patch it OK, but I'd like a new piece from top of window down to door (am I dreaming?) Any help appreciated as always. SEE PHOTO
  9. THANKS!!!! Still working as if it never was "frozen" (so stiff there was no "play" whatsoever!) Now......A-OK!
  10. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went out to "look" and it has MIRACULOUSLY cured itself (at least for now). I tried it several times, and NOTHING seems to be wrong! Anyone else EVER experienced this? (NO.....I don't use substances anymore............).
  11. Hi Barney! Had ALL the stuff replaced (I THINK I got the kits from you...maybe? Approx 2011) They worked GREAT for 2 1/2 summers (I don't drive it much, MAYBE 1000 m a year, and seldom at night, hence the "30 uses" statement. I haven't looked it over (not much to "see", as it won't raise), but I'm HOPING it's simply stuck in a way that's simple to remedy. What I'd like to hear is there are a couple (at least one) thing(s) to look for (assuming this has happened to other owners)....???? To be clear, it's just one, so it's a "winker" right now.
  12. Happened in the dark (sort of a "duh" announcement) BUT....lifted hood, tried manual open knob....it's STUCK shut. Will "look" in morning. Any thoughts? Both repaired and worked GREAT about 30 times............:confused:
  13. Wish I's known! Mine is still a "project" though (needs paint, top, etc..........
  14. Right turn....arm returns, left turn, NO. Am I safe to think I should replace assembly (not me, my mechanic)?? I have horn buttons that need to go in, so this might be the time for all.......I WILL need part(s), so probably J.F, unless someone knows something I don't (which is HIGHLY likely).........THANKS
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