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Eagerly awaiting new battery charger for our 1903 Columbus

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Pricey, but should work forever! Each are hand made for your desired voltage. I have an 84volt car and could not find anything that would charger all of my (7) 12v Deep Cycle batteries at the same time. Small footprint 6W x 9L and 7h. 

I was impressed that the Quick Charge Company, Ray (president) called and asked me specifics about our car and my requirements for the environment where the car usually resides and hookup so he could customize it for my car! 

I reached out to the moderator (Vintage Electric Cars, Facebook) who has 3 electric cars, and he has two of these chargers and work flawlessly.  So I followed his recommendation.

Each charger can be made for 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 64V, 72V, 84V (Mine!), 96V, 120V in varying degrees of amperage.


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