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1935 Plymouth PJ Deluxe cab, doors, fenders, hood, running boards, continental kit, seats and seat back springs

T Spikes

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1935 Plymouth PJ Deluxe 4dr body and fenders, hood, run board, continental kit. Some glass in tact, heavy patina but very little rust thru in floor. Doors function and latch, windows partial operation. Front suspension


Located Steamboat Springs, CO 

email spikes.ts@gmail.com20200513_164346.jpg.0d756e7a67453083ac7f5da28833ed77.jpg20191104_143141.jpg.054d4889e01e3ec7908ba9e619f2319b.jpg20200515_183152.jpg.bd3e15454205975c28012bfa8dea0df8.jpg

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