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Motorcraft/Autolite 4300 carb questions


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I have a 4300 carburetor on my Lincoln Mark III. It hasn't been started for 4 years and the throttle was frozen. I have soaked it in Gunk parts cleaner for several weeks, and it's finally disassembled and moving freely. I'm going to start to rebuild it now. I purchased a rebuild kit from Mike's Carburetor Parts online. The kit doesn't have those two spring assemblies power valve and vacuum piston, or the jets. The jets look ok to me so I guess I'll just re use them. The biggest question is my version doesn't have the hot idle compensation valve. I think my cars original carb had one but am not sure. I picked this years ago from a junk yard and don't remember what car it came from.  Does anyone know if I need to add one? If so I  have looked for one but can't locate a replacement part. I sure would like to see a definitive reference for this carb showing all the different configs based on car model and year.




















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