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  1. So far I have only replaced parts that needed to be replaced. I decided after purchasing the point set that electronic ignition would be a better way to go hence the purchase of the kit. How much gas into the carb for a short run time? Before I do that I'll make sure I'm getting spark at 10 degrees on number one cylinder. The last time I tried gas in the carb I blew up a muffler. 😞
  2. I did a compression test. Here are the results. = 155 = 90 = 160 = 85-100 = 170 = 155 = 160 = 155 I then put a tablespoon of oil in #2 and 4 and got these results. 2=155, 4=190 This is good news as I would like to get it started before digging into the engine. I have tried pouring gas into the carb. It will backfire out of the carb and when I tried to advance the spark a bit it blew up one of my mufflers. My gut is telling me it's a carburetor issue. The carb was totally frozen. During the long soaking involved to free it up I found another carb at the local auto wreckers. It looked better so I used most of the parts from the new carb but used the bowl from the original. The reason I did that is the new carb was very sludgy in the bowl, and I wasn't confident I got all the passages clean.The new carb turns out to be a 1973 and my car is a 1970. There were differences that I tried to keep the original set up which had larger jets and had different looking tubes, the ones with the holes in them. The other difference is I had a thick flange gasket between the carb and spacer now I only have a paper one. So I'm contemplating removing the carb, switching the bowls, and jets back to how the new carb was set up and use a thick gasket which I just recieved. It could be timing but I didn't change that from last time I started it. I did replace the cap, rotor, points, wires, plugs and coil. I'm getting spark. Even though I just installed new points I did just order a petronic electronic ignition for an upgrade. I also emptied the gas tank, flushed the lines with new fuel and added a new fuel filter. 1969 Lincoln Mark III, with 1970 460 engine This is good news, I have given more info in a reply to Dave above, maybe you can check it out.
  3. I let my car sat too long and I can't get it started. I'm having compression issues with two cylinders. I haven't done a wet test yet but think there is valve damage. They all look like they are moving ok but I guess I have to measure them to know if they are moving correctly. If the adjustment is correct I assume that means the seats are rusted. I'm working on a Lincoln Mark III and the service manual gives two methods to adjust. One just has you tighten the rocker arm nut 1 turn after rocker arm clearance is eliminated. The other uses a feeler gauge and that's were I need the tool to bleed down the lifters. If the first method is fine I guess I'll use it for now.
  4. I have a 4300 carburetor on my Lincoln Mark III. It hasn't been started for 4 years and the throttle was frozen. I have soaked it in Gunk parts cleaner for several weeks, and it's finally disassembled and moving freely. I'm going to start to rebuild it now. I purchased a rebuild kit from Mike's Carburetor Parts online. The kit doesn't have those two spring assemblies power valve and vacuum piston, or the jets. The jets look ok to me so I guess I'll just re use them. The biggest question is my version doesn't have the hot idle compensation valve. I think my cars original carb had one but am not sure. I picked this years ago from a junk yard and don't remember what car it came from. Does anyone know if I need to add one? If so I have looked for one but can't locate a replacement part. I sure would like to see a definitive reference for this carb showing all the different configs based on car model and year.
  5. I registered but haven't posted over there yet. I;ll try this one first. I have been active in the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/116792761666996 but it's hard to keep track of stuff because of the format. I may do that, thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Thanks John, That info is very helpful as I am usually anxious for a reply!
  7. Hi everyone, I’m a new member and I have a 1969 Lincoln Mark III I’m restoring again. Which is the best forum to ask specific questions about it. All I see is model K and v12. Thanks, Steve
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