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52 Bu 4brl


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20210713_162304.jpg.254959a28eb031853cced5a6119c4743.jpg20210713_162226.jpg.7b28a310edfa06eab0f91390f37153e3.jpgHad to dig this stuff out cuz someone was makin "I hafta have that noises!" Yes, for you sharp-eyed folks thats a two brl heat riser with flapper adapted to fit 4brl. Like most, its not an original creation. I copied the plan from my friend Scott, who did it to his 48 Roadee. Oops, bet thiss'll go to non-original area. Sorry, I fergot again,dang! Well, hope someone gets a little kik out of it! Sure cheaper and easier than tryin 2 find correct, almost always spider web cracked original! Decided to show a couple "well designed" originals. Lucky to have them with all the "puzzle" pieces! Now waiting on EZ weld tig wire ordered on Evilbay. Saw Jay Leno You Tube video with weld.com Tig man tig welding a cast iron base to an antique water heater cold(no pre or post heat!) Has 2B true, cuz it was on the internet, right? We will see! Details to follow! Tune in again for the exciting? Conclusion!


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