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Hello Zephyrites,


I have been involved with Lincolns for about 25 years and have owned several ‘60’s and ‘70’s models.  I currently have a 1979 Collector’s Series Town Car.  The current prize of my fleet is a 1938 Model K Judkins 2-window berline.  Though I have never owned an HV-12 I am fairly familiar with them and have quite a lot of original brochures and books on them.  I have been in the LCOC for 25 years and just recently joined the LZOC.  I have read a good bit about the HV-12 engine in particular.


The other old car in my collection is a 1938 Nash Ambassador Eight.  I have owned it for ten years.  I bought it from a guy in Wisconsin and drove it to Ft. Worth, TX where I live. At the time it showed 41,000 miles.  It now shows 50,000 and I think that is probably original.  It is a #3 car cosmetically and a #2 car mechanically.  It is a great car, but I have not bought an old car since getting it and would like to move on to some other old car.  So it’s for sale.


Having long been acquainted with Zephyrs I am smitten by the streamline styling (especially 1936-41).  So, I am looking to buy a ’41 4-door Zephyr to replace the Nash.  I am also considering a ’47-’48 Continental coupe. Though these Continentals aren’t streamline like a ’36-'41 Zephyr, I think they are attractive.  Also, since they are a little bit nicer car (they cost more new) they do have some appeal to me.  It looks like for what I would pay for a ’41 Zephyr I could just about get one of these Continentals, which further makes them attractive.


I am only considering cars which are at least #2 cosmetically and #1 mechanically.  It will need to have the HV-12 engine rebuilt and need to have the suggested upgrades done during the rebuild.  It must have an original type of upholstery.  The car will need to have overdrive and it would be great if it had an original radio.  Good too would be the water heater (don't need that in Texas but I like the look of it under the dash).  If the car has the optional Custom interior that would be fantastic.


I have several questions but am going to put them in separate emails to keep things from getting confusing.  Looking forward to the replies!


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