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For Sale - 1947 Limousine and 1953 Coupe Deville


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The 47 Limo  was a really nice driver until a large branch fell onto the top of the hood.  Replacement hood included.  Black, of course, with black leather front, and beautiful broadcloth rear.  Honestly,  I've been too busy to get it fixed and as a result the car has been sitting in the warehouse for too long, needs a thorough cleaning and the usual attention to fuel/brakes/etc to resurrect from storage.   


The 53 Coupe was also a decent driving car when I bought it.  I intended it as a donor car to a basket case 53 Eldorado I had, which has since sold.  The Eldo buyer passed on the Coupe, so its time for it to go.  "Back of the warehouse stored" for more than 10 years, so its not pretty.   Certainly restorable, or a great donor car for your  Eldo project....


Prices?  I'm thinking $7500 on the 47 limo and $5000 on the 53 Coupe?   That seems fair - but I am certainly willing to discuss.  Location, Utica, NY 13501.  Bring a Trailer, with a winch please.


I've got a couple cellphone pictures I can  forward to anyone interested.  Thank you.

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