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C.G.V. History - when was shaft drive introduced and on what models (hp)?

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Does anyone know when C.G.V. first introduced shaft drive and on what models and/or Hp cars it would have been available on in 1906 and 1907? I have read that the shaft drive was introduced on the 14-15hp models, which I believe included the Town Car chassis, and that the higher Hp models retained the chain drive for a time. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.

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3 hours ago, nzcarnerd said:

Some info here but not an answer to your specific question - Charron (CGV) - Graces Guide


The Standard Catalog article about the American operation is not much help either.

Thanks NZcarnerd that was one of the first places I looked for info after you put me onto Grace’s Guide last time. 

I’m trying to determine if it was only the 15hp model that had shaft drive in 1906-07 or if it’s possible a 20hp C.G.V. could’ve  had a shaft drive as well.

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