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Lincoln V12 Early Finned Edmunds Heads and Intake


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I own a ‘41 V12 in a Lincoln Zephyr that came with aftermarket Edmunds intake and heads on the running engine. It runs well, but has a tick I believe is valve clearance or a failing hydraulic lifter.
I wanted to remove  the intake to inspect valve clearance, check the lifters and add a crankcase hole for a PCV.
After unbolting everything, I find out I cannot get the Edmunds two carb intake off without removing one of the Edmunds heads. Cannot twist/slide it far enough to one side to clear the last intake port.
I get these engines had hydraulic lifters so service was minimal, but is this common with finned heads for V12’s? 
Did not this issue with the 2 other flatheads I’ve rebuilt.

Does anyone know if popping a head was part of required factory service for valley inspection?
I guess i’ll have to massage the heads a bit so the intake can slide in and out when I put the solid cam in and will need a regular adjustment.


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