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1965 300 4v noise


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Hi guys,<P>Since a couple of days, I hear a disturbing noise from the engine of my 65 sportwagon.<BR>It is kind of a high tone, sounds like, well, one of those sounds you expect from a 60's tin toy spacegun, tikketikketikke.<BR>It is engine speed dependant, and through the stethoscope I only hear it at the left back of the intake manifold, near the intake for number 8 cylinder.I had to take of the airfilter.Is this harmless lifter noise, or can it be camshaft related. I took off the valve cover on that side, but the sound did not increase. It seem to come on after the engine is a little warm, after a couple of miles.Please let me know if this is harmless, or something else. I first looked up all other questions related, but none seemed the same, thanks

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arthu, it could also be warn out rockerarms or shafts. I've pulled down a lot of these motors ,and in most the left side rocker assemblies are dry and warn out,especialy toward the rear. Buick v8's are known for this problem. pull the rocker cover and take a look. Good luck.<P>------------------<BR>Sean Etson 64Special 12.72@105- 64Skylark all orig. survivor- 49Super model 51 chopped top mild custom in waiting

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