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Aluminum Heads


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I am restoring a 1940 LC Cab and I have an HV-12 engine. I believe the engine is a '38 as it has 8H6 on the aluminum heads (is there any way to tell the year of the engine?) My question is will '40-'41 aluminum heads (06H) bolt on with no problem as I believe the bore was different those years than what I may have.


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It's been a long time but I believe that all the V12 heads are interchangeable.I had late model cast iron heads on my 38 and they worked fine.Compression ratios changed slightly in 40-48 but this may have bore dependent? The 36 thru 39 engines had a 2-3/4" bore while the 40 and 41 engines had 2-7/8" bore. When you get the heads off you can tell if it's the smaller bore;if it has hydralic lifters it's a 38 or 39. The heads alone probably can't identify the year of the block as who knows what some one may have done over the years. DP

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