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Front crankshaft bearing options and opinions

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Finally got the last gear off the gear train, and this.  Huge gap around the top of the front bearing.  I didn't shove the feeler gauge in deep, I didn't want to damage the bearing any more.  That's just the biggest feeler gauge that would slip into the gap for a visual.  I knew the #1 rod bearing had side play but figured I'd let it go.  What options do I have with this?  I have no intentions of rebuilding the motor, recasting babbit is where I draw the line on this project.  This thing will be mostly going at parade speeds, but I had ambitions of the ocassional across town road trip. 


Coul I press in an oilite or other bearing and ream it to fit?  Let it ride, it's fine?  Thicker oil?  Let it run until something gives up the ghost?  Pass it on to somebody more willing?  Not sure where to go from here.


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