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Any suggestions for organizing a "Trading Drives" activity?

Chris Bamford

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For me, actually driving the old cars is the high point of my involvement in this hobby. Over the years I've occasionally traded drives with another old car owner in which we each drive the other's car with the owner riding shotgun.

I'm planning to organize an afternoon activity like this for our local club in 2003... can anyone help with suggestions/experiences/cautions etc. that we ought to keep in mind?


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I've been trading drives for years. If the other fellow is nervous about trading, we trade rides rather than drives. Coincidentally, Sunday, I'm trading my 1933 Packard for a friend's 1927 Packard. Sometimes you or the other fellow may be reluctant to drive the other car but noone is reluctant to go for a ride.

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Guest imported_PackardV8

sounds like an excellent idea to me. Recently i tried to contact NashvilleSuperMotorSPeedway.com to get a cost schedule for the track for maybe a 3 day weekend or something. I think a Drive/Tech/Test Meet might be the answer to sharing drives and rides in each others cars. Using a reserved track under some loose supervision might be a very safe and secure way of sharing cars. Swap meets and shows are just fine but they really do not get the cars involved. NashvilleSuperMotorSpeedway has NOT replied yet.

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