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15 in or 17 in artillery wheels?


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I am in the process of selecting rims for my 1953 Chevy 3100. I currently have the drum brakes, but not sure in the future if I am going to switch to disc brakes.  Right now its stock height but also might be lowered 2 or 3 inches in the future as well. 


With that all in mind, what size artillery wheels would best be for the truck.  I know they come in 15 in or 17in artillery wheels with wide white walls.  I just want to make the most educated discussion so I do not have to buy rims again in the future.  


Looking for any advice or suggestions, thank you!



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Thank you! The tires were older, dry, and eventually cracked after this photo was taken.  When I took the wheels and tires off to replace them, I realized the interior rim on one was cracked and these at 16in wheels.  Since I am going to have to fix or replace the rim, I was looking for artillery steel wheels with original hub caps with "Chevrolet" wording instead of the chevy logo ones on now.

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