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New member needs help

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I am new to Rambler. I relay like the style of first and second generation (58-63) of Rambler American, must be automatic transmission and prefer 4 doors.
So I would like to purchase one smile.gif
I want this car for fun and weekends....
I prefer stock.

Is it easy to find parts and Mechanic for Ramblers?
any advise? 

background: I currently have a 64 Chevy Corvair and I kind of know how to work on old cars.


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I have a 1963 Rambler American, mine is an overdrive 3 speed manual though. It's a fun car to drive and you sure don't see many others out there! Finding a mechanic might be tough, the best bet is to know some other people with similar cars. Certain parts can be hard to come by but many are pretty easy to find. There are several vendors who specialize in Rambler parts, such as Galvin's, Kennedy American, and American Parts Depot. These cars have a lot of weird quirks, especially with the engines and driveline. Nothing you can't figure out though, especially after working on a Corvair. There are two different engines that can be in these cars, a flathead or OHV 196CI inline six.


By the way, where are you located?

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