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72 CUTTY 350 IN A 75 dELTA 88

royale 75

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Any technical issues with such a swapout? Lookin to get some addtional HP yet keep close to original. The 75 Delta is an unmolested 79k mile beauty I got from orig owner and have 100% orig documents down to buildsheet. Am I devaluing by swapping to the 72 engine? Performance of the 180HP 350 is dissapointing, and I believe any Olds 350 from 72 should be over 250HP. Anyone know how to tell from Block numbers?

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Have you been here ? 442.com ? They have the information wealth! just type 442.com you'll be there. anyhow this is their FAQ page and its gots lots. http://442.com/oldsfaq/oldsfaq.htm It seems the 72 350 has more desireable heads on it. If you search and read there is alot to remember. In 71 compression was droped on all cars and this is why the HP figures dropped. However from what I have absorbed from these engine pages its hard to increase compression with the 73+ heads but with 72- it is possible. Just read there is alot of stuff in there to absorb and remember. You can do some with the 75 350 but those older heads are the ticket. I really dont think you'll be devalueing your car much. The only ones that bring alot of interest dollar wise is very low milage almost never driven cars and hey , what fun is that ? I've seen them fetch around 8000.00 although most low milage original owners want 10,000 I've never seen them get it. The well used ones like mine get 1-2000.00 . Mine 1300.00. 76 2dr hardtop - 600.00 .

Although you may think your 350 doesnt go it does or should get somewheres between 15&17 mpg and that was something back in its day. My fathers 74 AMC Matador coupe 304 got 12-14 no matter how hard we tried. Guess he should have bought a Olds.

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